About Us

About Us

Serving New Jersey since 1983, American Landscape is a full-service maintenance / construction company, providing a broad spectrum of expertise in field of Site Management to a variety of clients with both commercial and industrial properties. As owners of American Landscape, we personally over see ALL work performed for our clients and believe this is a critical component of providing a superior service.

Our Mission

To assist the Facility Managers in their decision making process using our experience and expertise in the field of Site Management all while sticking within determined budgets.

Our Goal

That each project we complete at a maintained facility is an exemplary model for the next American Landscape has years of experience managing many different types of construction and maintenance projects in the commercial and industrial fields. As a member of numerous trade organizations, we continually keep updated on the latest procedures and products of the industry. By sharing our experience, knowledge and suggestions Facility Managers are further equipped to accomplish their objectives.

For the past 32 years American Landscape’s largest referral source has consistently been our clients or “word of mouth “. We believe this is a result of delivering high quality, dependability and promptness to our clients. We have seen other service companies who spread themselves too thin over a large client base, sacrificing the quality of services delivered to their client. We feel it much more effective and personally rewarding to cater to a more defined client base where quality and dependability can be assured. We understand that we are only as good as our last job. In turn, we enjoy the rewards of a continuing business relationship.